Graphic design: The concept behind our logo

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Graphic design: The concept behind our logo

The front draws inspiration from 1920s posters, particularly those of the Cannes Film Festival which often featured sleek simple visuals that conveyed the meaning of the event in a minimalist yet colourful way. The skyline is that of Media City UK in Salford, the location of the event. The fan bridge on the left connects to the city via the 7 colours of the rainbow. This symbolises the bridge of understanding and unity that the event seeks to build.

This logo was the result of creating a vintage style poster that feature Media City UK’s skyline. In this logo, it has been given an LGBT twist to symbolise a bridge to LGBT understanding and unity. Features on print media, digital and will be animated for the film festival. Font used throughout is the Nevis font. This kind of font was commonly seen in 1920s posters and so for this poster, it fits right in. Social media imagery sees an exaggerated emphasis on the bridge connectors but the skyline still present. This evolved into the more abstract logo seen at the top. Images and concept created by Tom Simmons

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